Wooden Postcards

Wooden postcardsPostcards made by Woodwasp from smooth poplar plywood, they can be written and sent worldwide with a normal stamp like any postcard but certainly attract attention when they clatter through the letter box!

Frequent Questions

Q – Do they really go through the post?
A – Yes they really do.  They are well within the weight and size limits to send with a normal stamp like any other postcard.

Q – Can I really write on it?
A – Yes, the surface is smooth fine-grained poplar veneer and you can write on it with a normal pen.  A fountain pen might ‘bleed’ into the grain slightly, we find ballpoint works best.

Q – Do I need to put them in an envelope?
A – You can if you want, but there’s no need.  The design is laser engraved into the wooden postcard, it won’t rub off.

Q – Australia and New Zealand restrict importation of wooden items. Can I send a wooden postcard to my family down under?
A – Both countries are perfectly happy to import clean smooth plywood.  They are more concerned about bark and solid wood where burrowing insects can hide.