Just WordPress Workshops

I’m very pleased that I have finally managed to get to one of the WordPress Users Wales sessions, this one organised in conjunction with the Software Alliance Wales.  It was a very useful few hours that left me with plenty to think about.

Note and fridge magnet

Reflecting WordPress’s origins, much of the day’s activities focused on blogging and making sure the right people know about the blog (particularly through social media). Not so much on static web pages or using WordPress to deliver transactional services (although they were mentioned).  I left with a wealth of new ideas, and useful reminders of things I already knew I really should be paying more attention to.  It was great to meet up with some old and new friends (and to be reminded about the challenges of working on communications in the public sector!).

Many thanks and a big round of applause for the organisers and speakers.

Key things to me to remember?

  • Post regularly
  • Don’t let technical tinkering and presentation distract you from the creating the content
  • Social media is an essential tool for directing and filtering the flood of online information
  • Share, and others will share in return

I must pin them to the fridge.